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Tennis rackets were invented in the middle of the 18th century. Monks in France created a very similar game to tennis, but they didn’t use rackets. The monks started out using their bare hands to hit the ball back and forth over something similar to a net, but then it shifted into the monks wearing leather gloves.

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Tennis rackets (in a more traditional and modern sense) were created in Italy. They were considered predecessors to the current tennis racket design that was mostly established in 1874. For whatever reason this design remained just in Italy didn’t take hold in other areas across Europe.

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By most accounts, tennis was first played by French monks in the 11th or 12th century, and the first "racquets" were made of human flesh! No, this wasn't some medieval horror. It was more like handball, played first by hitting against a wall, then later over a crude net. While not gruesome, hitting a ball with one's hand proved a little too uncomfortable after a while, so players began using gloves.

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Players used solid wooden paddles until the invention or introduction of what we today call a racked in the 14th century. These rackets featured a teardrop shape with a long wooden handle. These rackets were used to hit the ball over a net-type structure.

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The entrepreneur began to build racquets with layers of synthetic resins and in 1979 he acquired the patent of Black Ace, the first racket with one hundred percent graphite, launched by Taiwanese Kunnan Lo. A revolution for lightness, precision, versatility, which allowed you to hit a ball at 150 mph.

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Racket frames, which previously had a standard size and shape were suddenly manufactured in different sizes, materials, and shapes. The most important achievement was the emergence of metal frames which started in 1967 and the oversized heads which were also manufactured in 1976.

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The very first tennis racket was made in 1874 in London by Major Walter C. Wingfield. The racket was the first one made of solid wood, meaning McEnroe could have done some serious damage back in ...

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1583 FIRST RACKET IN THE HISTORY OF TENNIS The first racquet was invented in Italy (history of tennis - web source). 19th Century History of Tennis. 1870 WIMBLEDON HISTORY OF TENNIS In the Wimbledon district of London established All England Croquet Club. Tennis is still an indoor game played by royal and rich benefactors.