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1. All jerseys, including the goalkeeper, shall be numbered. Numbers shall not be duplicated. 2. ...

Soccer Uniform Rules and Regulations

Soccer Uniform Rules. Soccer uniforms at any level are designed with player safety in mind. With soccer players regularly jostling for position in close proximity to teammates and opponents, uniforms need to be fitted, yet breathable to keep players cool in this active sport. Other uniform regulations vary depending upon the age level. Youth

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Rules recommend that warm-up jerseys or vests be a different color than the field uniform. Accessories, Casts and Braces. Rules recommend that team captains wear arm bands distinguishing them from the other players. A player may not wear anything considered dangerous to any player. Jewelry must not be worn except for medical bracelets or necklaces and must be secured to the body. International Soccer Uniform Rules

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1. All jerseys, including the goalkeeper's jersey, shall be numbered on the back with a different Arabic number at least 6 inches in height and on the front (jersey or shorts) with the same number, which shall be at least 4 inches in height. Numbers shall be of a solid contrasting color to the jersey (or shorts) and clearly visible.

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Soccer Uniform Requirements By NFHS on August 31, 2020 soccer. Share . Print. NFHS. Most Recent Articles. nfhs news NFHS Encourages COVID-19 Vaccination to Keep ...

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There are two main NCAA bylaws which relate to soccer uniforms that will impact which uniforms you buy and how you print: Manufacturer's logos and trademarks Jersey numbering Manufacturer's Logos and Trademarks 2016-2017 NCAA Soccer Rules and Interpretations Publication states in section 4.1.1 (Uniforms): A field player’s uniform shall consist of a jersey or shirt, shorts, stockings and shoes.

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The logo or trademark must be contained within a four-sided geometrical figure (that is, rectangle, square, parallelogram) that does not exceed 2¼-square inches.”. Finding the right uniform is the first step, but we know that there are also requirements when it comes to customization.

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Current Team Uniform Requirements Front Front of Uniform Options 1 manufacturer’s logo 2¼ square inches is permitted on each item (visible anywhere on the uniform) Home team shall wear white jerseys and socks Visiting team shall wear dark jerseys and socks All jersey’s shall be numbered on the front with a different Arabic number at least 4 inches

2020-2021 Soccer Rules Modifications

o Rule 4-2 LEGAL UNIFORM Long sleeves are permissible. (4-1-1) Long pants are permissible. (4-1-1) Under garments are permissible but must be of a similar length for the individual and a solid like color for team. (4-1-1d) o Rule 5-3 OFFICIALS UNIFORM AND EQUIPMENT

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Soccer Playing Rules Change and Waivers due to COVID-19 for the 2020 Fall Season. Playing Rules Changes Related to Commemorative/Memorial Uniform Patches. 2019-20 Rules Survey Report. 2020 and 2021 Major Rules Changes. 2019-20 Rules Interpretations: Hydration Breaks. 2019-20 Soccer Rules Interpretations. 2019-20 Major Rules Changes.