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soccer造句和"soccer"的例句: 1. Certainly . in fact , i am very keen on soccer . let me pay .好極了!我很喜歡足球。現在由我付帳。 2. The soccer team had won no games , but it had n't lost heart .足球隊雖然沒贏過一場球,但并沒有使隊員們氣短。 點擊查看更多soccer的造句...

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Cycling , soccer, beach trips , sports tournaments 騎單車,足球,海灘旅行,體育比賽; Support from the fans is important to soccer 對足球來說,追隨者的支持很重要。 更多例句: 1 2 3 4 5; 用"soccer"造句

sports soccer造句_用"sports soccer"造句

sports soccer的造句和例句: 1. The purpose of the game was to play the sport soccer on pavement, more specifically, on a basketball court. 2. Also included is " Kicks ", which is a mix of the sports Soccer and Volleyball ( Sepak takraw ).内有更多更详细关于sports soccer的造句

play soccer造句_用"play soccer"造句

play soccer造句和例句: 1. Uh , would - would they be interested in , uh , playing soccer呃,他们想不想踢足球? 2. Uh , would - - would they be interested in , uh , playing soccer呃,他们想不想踢足球?

new zealand soccer造句_用"new zealand soccer"造句

new zealand soccer的造句和例句: 1. In 1978 Sibley was awarded New Zealand soccer player of the year. 2. In 1991 he was posthumously inducted into the New Zealand Soccer Media Association Hall of Fame.内有更多更详细关于new zealand soccer的造句

sensible soccer造句_用"sensible soccer"造句

sensible soccer的造句和例句: 1. Lemmings, Sensible Soccer and Sim City games all started out on the Amiga. 2. It is the fore-runner of the 16-bit classic Sensible Soccer.内有更多更详细关于sensible soccer的造句

olympic soccer造句_用"olympic soccer"造句

Olympic soccer is limited to players under 23 years old. May 5 _ Draw for Olympic soccer tournament, Atlanta. It's difficult to see olympic soccer in a sentence. 用olympic soccer造句挺難的; Brazilian coach Zagalo is scheduled to name his Olympic soccer squad Thursday. The French only have two medals in Olympic soccer history.

queensland soccer造句_用"queensland soccer"造句

queensland soccer 造句 造句与例句 手机版 Ramsden was also involved in sporting organisations including the Mayne Australian Football Club and Queensland Soccer .

armenian soccer造句_用"armenian soccer"造句

armenian soccer的造句和例句: 1. Sseppuya has completed a transfer to Armenian soccer team FC Banants for an undisclosed fee. 2. Ruben Airapetian, head of the Armenian soccer federation, said that he had signed a one-year contract with Casoni.内有更多更详细关于armenian soccer的造句