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This chirping is what has labeled house crickets as a nuisance pest due to the incessant noise they produce, which continues on throughout the night.

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Classification: Kingdom Animalia (animals), Phylum Arthropoda , Class Insecta , Order Orthoptera (crickets, grasshoppers, etc.), Suborder Ensifera, Family Gryllidae (crickets), Genera Acheta, Gryllus, Oceanthus, Myrmecophila, many species.

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Crickets are among the most commonly eaten insects on earth, and they are surprisingly versatile. Whether pan-fried and seasoned to serve as an appetizer at Mexican restaurants or a snack at Major League Baseball games, or ground up into flour and baked into cookies, crickets are everywhere when it comes to food.

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CRICKET NUTRITION. 80% of the world currently eats insects as part of their normal diet, but eating insects is still a new concept for many. Crickets are a high-protein low-carb option that might be from the original Paleo diet. Crickets are 65% protein by weight, and have a natural slightly nutty and earthy taste.

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Anatomy: Label the Insect Printout Read the definitions, then label the insect diagram. Insect Report Chart Printout A chart to help with an insect report with areas to fill in the insect's common name, scientific name, anatomy, lifecycle, diet, enemies, protection, habitat, range, classification, endangered status, interesting facts, and a drawing of the insect.

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Left: Cricket pots are labeled with the data of the fighting cricket including the date and location the cricket was bought, its weight, and its fighting history. Right: Tiny food dishes for crickets.