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                                    Hydraulic Servo Turret Punch Press jeetwin app download,MAX1250X

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                                            • MAX Series Punch Press Machine is the newly developed Multi Index Tools Turret Punch Press equipped with advanced Servo Hydraulic System, introduced by dafa bets’s professional R&D and production teams who have been dedicated to machineries for decades. Our MAX Series machines provides the fastest, flexible and reliable punch press satisfying your expectation of fast and precise sheet metal works.

                                                • Advanced German made Schneider Hydraulic Servo system with pressure valve to precisely control the speed, volume and pressure of oil flow.
                                                • To control the RAM stroke distance on both ends, hence the height and depth of each punch becomes programmable with 0.1mm accuracy.
                                                • Uniquely designed Machine structure ensures less preventive maintenance.
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                                                        • Synchronized dual servo motors for controlling the auto index functions.
                                                        • 4 D Auto Index Stations for Multi Tools, either 3 B or 8 A.
                                                        • Capable of indexing each individual tool within the 3B and 8A Multi Tool set.
                                                        • 24 various size stations including 4 Auto Index stations Multi Tools.
                                                          Therefore, a total of 24 to 52 tools can be employed.
                                                        • Capable of running wheel, marking, grooving and forming Tooling.

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                                                                  Item Unit MAX1250X
                                                                  Punching Capacity Tom 20
                                                                  X Traverse Length mm 2490±10
                                                                  Y Traverse Length mm 1250±10
                                                                  Max Sheet Size mm 1250x4980
                                                                  Max Sheet Thickness mm 6.35
                                                                  Max Sheet Weight kg 110
                                                                  X Axis Traverse Speed m/min 80
                                                                  Y Axis Traverse Speed m/min 70
                                                                  Max Traverse Speed m/min 105
                                                                  Punch Speed at hist/min 360
                                                                  25mm Between Holes
                                                                  Nibbling Speed hist/min 600
                                                                  Tools Type   Thick turret
                                                                  Max Punching Diameter mm 88.9
                                                                  Number of Tool Stations   24~52
                                                                  Number of Auto Index Stations   4/(DType)
                                                                  Turret Rotating Speed rpm 40
                                                                  Auto Index Rotationg Speed rpm 50
                                                                  Ram Stroke Distance mm 0~31
                                                                  Working Tables Size   Brush
                                                                  Number of Sheet Clamps   3
                                                                  Power Supply KVA 25
                                                                  Air Supply NL/min 250
                                                                  Oil Tank Volume L 350
                                                                  Air Pressure bar 5
                                                                  Machine Size mm 5420x5085x2080
                                                                  Net Weight (apporx) kg 14000
                                                                  Size of Control Cabinet mm 1520x700x2080
                                                                  dafabet bonus Controller   FANUC Oi-PD
                                                                  Number of Controllable Axes   5+1
                                                                  Memory KB 256
                                                                  Serial Interface   USB/PCMCIA/RS232C/RJ45
                                                                  Punching Accuracy mm ±0.1
                                                                  • Specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.
                                                                  • Acceleration / deceleration rate of X / Y-axis are dependent on weight of materials.
                                                                  • Punch speed depends on processing conditions, stroke length, acceleration / deceleration of axes speeds.

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                                                                          A type 1/2" MAX diameter 12.75mm 24 ( 8 accept shaped tools )
                                                                          B type 1-1/4" MAX diameter 31.75mm 8 ( 8 accept shaped tools )
                                                                          C type 2" MAX diameter 50.80mm 4 ( 4 accept shaped tools )
                                                                          D type 3-1/2" MAX diameter 88.90mm 4 AUTO. INDEX
                                                                          E type 4-1/2" MAX diameter 114.30mm 2 ( 2 accept shaped tools )

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