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                          Mechanical Punching Press google pay vpa,CP2500

                          CP-2500 Mechanical Punch Press

                                • HIGH COST/ PERFORMANCE RATIO

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                                    Item Unit CP2500
                                    Punching Capacity Tom 30
                                    X Traverse Length mm 2490±10
                                    Y Traverse Length mm 1525±10
                                    Max Sheet Size mm 1525x4980
                                    Max Sheet Thickness mm 6.35
                                    Max Sheet Weight kg 110
                                    X Axis Traverse Speed m/min 80
                                    Y Axis Traverse Speed m/min 70
                                    Max Traverse Speed m/min 105
                                    Punch Speed at hist/min 210
                                    25mm Between Holes
                                    Nibbling Speed hist/min 350
                                    Tools Type   Thick turret
                                    Max Punching Diameter mm 114.3
                                    Number of Tool Stations   40
                                    Number of Auto Index Stations   2/(D Type)
                                    Turret Rotating Speed rpm 40
                                    Auto Index Rotationg Speed rpm 50
                                    Ram Stroke Distance mm 32
                                    Working Tables Size   Brush
                                    Number of Sheet Clamps   3
                                    Power Supply KVA 20
                                    Air Supply NL/min 250
                                    Oil Tank Volume Litter 120
                                    Air Pressure bar 5
                                    Machine Size mm 5190x5150x2200
                                    Net Weight (apporx) kg 14000
                                    Size of Control Cabinet mm 1200x600x1900
                                    dafabet bonus Controller   FANUC Oi-PC
                                    Number of Controllable Axes   4
                                    Memory KB 256
                                    Serial Interface   RS232
                                    Punching Accuracy mm ±0.1
                                    • Specifications are subjects to change without prior notice.
                                    • Acceleration / deceleration rate of X / Y-axis are dependent on weight of materials.
                                    • Punch speed depends on processing conditions, stroke length, acceleration / deceleration of axes speeds.

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                                    A type 1/2" MAX diameter 12.75mm 24 ( 8 accept shaped tools )
                                    B type 1-1/4" MAX diameter 31.75mm 8 ( 8 accept shaped tools )
                                    C type 2" MAX diameter 50.80mm 4 ( 4 accept shaped tools )
                                    D type 3-1/2" MAX diameter 88.90mm 2 AUTO. INDEX
                                    E type 4-1/2" MAX diameter 114.30mm 2 ( 2 accept shaped tools )

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