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          • Manual Clamping Radial Arm Drill Press

            poker accessories india,TPR-920A

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                TPR-920A Manual Clamping Radial Arm Drill Press

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                    1. Adopts mechanic switch with forward/ reverse functions and longer service life with low damage.
                    2. The arm is made of high-class cast-iron. Arm slide is under strick heat-treatment and grinding.
                    3. 2HP motor can provide diverse speed selection under heavy-duty cutting.
                    4. The main spindle is balanced by special spring. And is more durable than all traditional balance mechanism.
                    5. The over-load protective devices can secure the operator against injury.
                    6. Extra auxiliary dial for spindle feed depth indication. With this indicator, we can review the momental feed depth of spindle 1 through 210mm at any moment.

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                    MODEL TPR-920A  
                    Dai.of column 210 A
                    Distance from column surface to spindle center , Max 950 D+C
                    Distance from column surface to spindle center , Min 210 C
                    Travel of spindle head 755 D
                    Distance from base surface to spindle end , Max 1225 E
                    Distance from base surface to spindle end , Min 385 F
                    Elevating height of Arm 625 E-F-I
                    Effective area of box table 600×445×380 L×K×H
                    Dimension of base 1260×640×160 R×S×Q
                    Taper hole spindle MT#4  
                    Stroke of spindle 210 I
                    R.P.M of spindle (rpm x steps) 50HZ 73~1247×6 steps  
                    60HZ 88~1500×6 steps  
                    Feed of spindle (rev. x steps) 0.05, 0.09, 0.15x3 steps  
                    Main motor (HP) 2HP  
                    Elevating motor (HP) 1HP  
                    Hydraulic clamping motor (HP)  
                    Coolant equipment (HP) 1/8 HP  
                    Machine height from floor (Max.) 2340 M
                    Base + column height 2020 G
                    Net weight (approx)kgs 1280(kg)  
                    Shipping weight (approx)kgs 1400(kg)  
                    Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 1800×810×2210  
                    Capacity Drilling Stell 32Φ  
                    Cast iron 50Φ  
                    Tapping Stell 25Φ  
                    Cast iron 32Φ  

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                        Adjustment tools (box included) 1 set
                        Cooling device (pimp included) 1 set
                        Lighting device (fluorescent lamp included) 1 set
                        Box-type Work Table 1 set

                        Uni-tilt table tilts s full 90 degress. Calibrated indicator shows degree of tilt has accurately planed top

                          1. 810*710*610 m/m (Large size)
                          2. 510*510*590 m/m (small size)

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                                        1. Lead Screw
                                        2. Column
                                        3. Main Motor (2HP)
                                        4. Electrical Control Box
                                        5. Hydraulic Pump Motor (1HP)
                                        6. Hydraulic Flow Distributing Value
                                        7. Cooling Pump (1/8 HP)
                                        8. Working Table
                                        9. Base

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