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                          • VMC-168DH/VMC-188DH gamblers safe,3 Axes Linear Ways Vertical Machining Center

                            3 Axes Linear Ways Vertical Machining Center

                                              1. 24/24/20 M/min. rapid traverse rates on X, Y, Z- axis are able to meet high speed machining requirements.
                                              2. Z-axis is mounted with two pieces of 55 mm wide roller type linear ways, featuring high rigidity and heavy load resistance.

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                                                Y-axis is equipped with 4 pieces of 45 mm wide roller type linear ways.

                                                          X-axis is equipped with 2 pieces of 45 mm wide roller type linear ways combined with the use of 6 blocks.

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                                                                  Item Utit VMC-168DH VMC-188DH
                                                                Travel X-axis travel mm 1600 1800
                                                                Y- axis travel mm 850 850
                                                                Z- axis travel mm 700 700
                                                                Spindle Nose to Table mm 150 ~ 850 150 ~ 850
                                                                Spindle Center to Column Face mm 930 930
                                                                Table Working surface mm 1800 x 850 1900 x 850
                                                                T-slots (width*number*pitch) mm 18 * 5 * 150 18 * 5 * 150
                                                                Max. table load kg 2000 2500
                                                                Spindle Spindle speed rpm 10000 / 15000 10000 / 15000
                                                                Transmission   Direct-drive Direct-drive
                                                                Spindle nose taper   BBT50 / BBT40 BBT50 / BBT40
                                                                Feed Rapid traverse
                                                                M/min 24 / 24 / 20 24 / 24 / 20
                                                                Cutting feed rate M/min 1 ~ 12 1 ~ 12
                                                                Auto Tool Changer Tool storage capacity pcs 24 (32 Opt.) 24 (32 Opt.)
                                                                Tool change time
                                                                (tool to tool)
                                                                sec. 3.5 3.5
                                                                Max. tool diameter /
                                                                adj. empty tool
                                                                mm 110 / 210 110 / 210
                                                                Max. tool length mm 300 300
                                                                Max. tool weight kg 15 15
                                                                Miscellaneous Coolant tank capacity L 330 330
                                                                Electric power required KVA 35 35
                                                                Air pressure required kg/c㎡ 6 6
                                                                Machine dimensions
                                                                mm 4260 x 4420 x 3390 4600 x 4420 x 3375
                                                                Machine weight kg 15500 15500

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                                                                          • Fully enclosed splash guard
                                                                          • Twin chip augers
                                                                          • Telescopic guards on three axes
                                                                          • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
                                                                          • Spindle oil cooler
                                                                          • Cutting air blast device(M07 program controlled)
                                                                          • Coolant system
                                                                          • Flushing devices at both sides
                                                                          • Automatic lubrication system
                                                                          • MPG handwheel
                                                                          • Air blast through spindle
                                                                          • Transformer for external power
                                                                          • Oil fluid separator (specific gravity type)
                                                                          • Leveling bolts and blocks
                                                                          • Warning lamp
                                                                          • Coolant gun and air gun
                                                                          • Fluorescent lights at both sides
                                                                          • Auto power off
                                                                          • RS-232 interface port
                                                                          • Adjustment tools with tool box
                                                                          • Accuracy inspection report
                                                                          • Machine operation and maintenance manual
                                                                          • Electronic book for FANUC program maintenance and operation manual
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                                                                          • Flushing devices at both sides (Independent coolant pump optional)
                                                                          • Coolant device through tool holder
                                                                          • 24/32 tool magazine
                                                                          • Lifting type chip conveyor
                                                                          • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
                                                                          • dafabet bonus rotary table (4th axis)
                                                                          • Automatic tool length measuring device
                                                                          • Automatic workpiece measuring device
                                                                          • High speed data server
                                                                          • AICC2 high speed high accuracy control
                                                                          • Linear scales on three axes
                                                                          • Oil mist device
                                                                          • Oil mist collector
                                                                          • Disk type oil skimmer
                                                                          • Coolant through spindle and external-mount filtrating coolant tank
                                                                          • Working step

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